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Date:      Sun, 4 Mar 2012 08:27:47 +0000 (UTC)
From:      jb <>
Subject:   PC-BSD on top of FreeBSD - does it matter ?
Message-ID:  <>

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some month ago I saw PC-BSD 9 release announcement and was curious enough to
try it. Also, it received a good review on some mostly Linux oriented web site.

The installation was very pleasant thanks to its installer - a very impressive 
software component (considering rather spartan installers in FreeBSD) and
a good and inviting intro to the OS for a user. 
The good impression continued into presence of other components, which were 
listed in their announcement.
But ..., the charm disappeared when I (intentionally ?) pulled ethernet plug
and started update manager ... The system went into some twilight zone, making
the desktop unresponsive, from which I could not recover, even by trying to
kill offending processes I had no clue about as a first time user. Unusable.

OK. The usual stuff -  software released, but not tested.
Perhaps a method in it, like "...if the product is not tested enough, we can
count on users to get angry, and they will subscribe to our lists, and become
active devs. and testers, and users, and ...". Who knows ... But then I am
missing it.
My romance ended very quickly, on the first date.

A few days ago I read this, from a good, minimum-functional-tests-must-pass,
some wit but no-nonsense reviewer:
Well, "Radioactive", "The shortest experience ever!".

Does it matter to FreeBSD ?

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