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Date:      Fri, 5 Sep 2003 07:28:10 -0400
From:      David Gilbert <>
Subject:   Re: Recommendations for Tape Drives?
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>>>>> "jasondic" == jasondic  <> writes:

jasondic> On Thursday 04 September 2003 06:36, Jason A. Crome wrote:

>> and will be in need of a quality backup solution.  Which tape
>> drives, in your experience, play nicely with FreeBSD, and what
>> software would you recommend to go with it?

I agree with other sentiments expressed here: low cost tape solutions
have never materialized.  If you look at the various systems, the tape
media (just the media, not the drive) often costs more than the disk
it backs up.

Considering that a 120G disk just cost me $150 (Canadian $'s) ... and
good 100G backup tapes are more than that... your cheapest backup
solution is to rotate IDE drives on a schedule.  My current home
backup plan uses snapshots for short-term "oops I deleted something"
backups and an older tape drive for which someone else paid for the
tapes for a small amount (10G) of more important files.

For the office, I'm very seriously considering building a RAID-10 with
3 plexes (in vinum parlance).  You can still use snapshots for short
term backups... but for longer term backups (and disaster recovery)
you break off the third plex each day and send it offsite.  With 3 or
4 spare plexes, you've got a reasonable duration off backups... and
freebsd's ATA code will handle this all (attaching and detaching
drives) just fine.

After breaking off the third plex, of course, you add a new one back.
You can do this with only two plexes if you like to live more

Now... please take note: non-spinning hard drives are _not_ a long
term storage solution.  You must fully realize that you're doing a
cheap backup solution when you do this because you're not including
archiving in your plans.  non-spinning hard drives are unlikely be be
readable in a very short number of years (compared to tapes).


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