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Date:      Mon, 29 Dec 2003 01:10:02 -0500
From:      "F. D. Williams" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   login ID and Password Problems
Message-ID:  <002c01c3cdd2$65dc0490$0200a8c0@xp1200>

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For  six and nights almost non-stop, I've loaded and unloaded (formatted =
the HDD) due to some bug (s) of sorts in this program.  Even through the =
Christmas holidays I've been busy with FreeBSD v5.1 and at the current =
moment this problem still persists.
This login/password business really sucks.  More than 80 hours at this =
installation has produced nothing but a headache.
The current prompt reading  at the console shows the characteristics:
Dec 28 23:51:41 login:  5 LOGIN FAILURES ON ttyv0

GIVEN LOGIN:  koolfd
PASSWORD:  fdwill4u2
After all this time spent at this installation, I am beginning to have =
second thoughts about this software.
When I reboot the system it goes right into the program and pauses at =
the six options screen, where I would normally type in the correct digit =
to continue the boot process.
All hell breaks loose right at the login prompt.  Moreover, when I go =
into the program to change the settings, it says that the item has not =
be initialized, i.e., it will not allow any changes to the password, =
I have never, ever, spent as much time as this with an install.  What's =
I made a purchase at CompUSA a fews days ago and saw a copy of this =
program on the shelf..$59.95.
Why should it buy this product off the shelf, only to be confronted with =
the current (login) problem?

If you have a solution to this login problem, I will continue the =
process of getting it to work.  However, the clock on the wall says time =
 is running out.
Furthermore, I really don't know what the program looks like.  Until it =
is configured correctly and booting, I have the faintest idea what it =
looks like.
Originally, I thought the real problem was with the four HDDs attached =
to the system.  With that many drives attached, it posed a problem for =
me because I could hardly identify the correct one for the install.  =
With your disk id scheme, I decided to unplug three of the drives and =
use a single one, which proved to be less confusing.

As a new user of this system, it has been a tremendous undertaking =
working with this program.  Everything is new and different, as opposed =
to MS-DOS/Windows.  Nevertheless, as a new comer, I find the program =
very interesting.
I would appreciate any suggestions in resolving this login/password =

Thanks in advance

Flem D. Williams
Email: =20

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