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Date:      Mon, 8 Aug 2016 18:46:58 -0300
From:      "Dr. Rolf Jansen" <>
Subject:   Re: your thoughts on a particualar ipfw action.
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I am almost finished with preparing the tools for geo-blocking and =
geo-routing at the firewall for submission to the FreeBSD ports.

I created a man file for the tools, see: =, and I added the recent suggestions on =
rule number/action code per country code, namely, I changed the formula =
for the x-flag to the suggestion of Ian (value =3D offset + ((C1 - =
'A')*26 + (C2 - 'A'))*10), and I added the idea of directly assigning a =
number to a country code in the argument for the t-flag =

Furthermore, I removed the divert filter daemon from the Makefile. The =
source is still on GitHub, though, and can be re-vamped if necessary.

Now I am going to prepare the Makefile for the port.

In the meantime, please can a native English speaker look at said man =
file (s. link above)? I know, that my English is lacking, and any =
corrections would be highly welcome.

Best regards


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