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Date:      Tue, 21 May 2013 18:50:00 +0000
From:      "Teske, Devin" <>
To:        Tim Nelson <>
Cc:        "<>" <>
Subject:   Re: Installing 8.1-RELEASE - Problems via FTP
Message-ID:  <13CA24D6AB415D428143D44749F57D7201F546F7@ltcfiswmsgmb26>
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On May 21, 2013, at 9:39 AM, Tim Nelson wrote:

> Greetings-
> I have need to install FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE amd64 to build some packages. =
My usual method of installation is via the *-bootonly.iso, pulling the inst=
all from FTP. However, it appears since 8.1-RELEASE is old and deprecated, =
none of the mirrors have the files available anymore to use during the inst=


BEFORE you get to the sysinstall media selection dialog, make a detour into=
 the "Options", use arrow-up/down to highlight "Release Name", press SPACEB=
AR, and change from X.Y-RELEASE to "any" (without quotes; also acceptable w=
ould be "__RELEASE" without quotes).

NOTE: This will tell sysinstall to *not* try and auto-detect the release di=
rectory path on the FTP server but instead use the exact path that you give=

When you get to the media selection dialog, use FTP-Passive with the follow=
ing URL:

That should work. The "any" (or "__RELEASE") release-name tells it to not t=
ry things like "pub/FreeBSD/releases/<arch>/<relName>" (which obviously doe=
sn't exist, given extra "-Archive" and "old-" prefixes in some of the path =
directory elements).

> So, how do I proceed:
> 1. Does anyone have a proper URL to put into the installer? I already tri=
ed but I think there is additional path info =

Right=85 but you really need to make the detour into the "Options" and chan=
ge "Release Name" to either "any" or "__RELEASE" to indicate that the path =
you are providing is absolute (otherwise, sysinstall try to intelligently f=
ind the directory based off the architecture that it booted from -- this wa=
s done to make maintenance easier).

Just go into the Options and set "Release Name" to "any" (HINT: if you were=
 scripting sysinstall, you'd be able to do the same thing with "relName=3Da=
ny") and then use:

NOTE: Replace i386 with amd64 if you want 64-bit build

> 2. Should I install from the full CD or DVDs? If successful, would I stil=
l have problems pulling the ports tree for 8.1-RELEASE?

If you use the above method, you can have the CD pull the static ports coll=
ection off the FTP server. However, (and this may be what you desire) just =
note that the ports collection when installed from an FTP mirror is not an =
up-to-date snapshot of the constantly-shifting ports tree.

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