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Date:      Wed, 23 Oct 1996 00:25:55 +0000 ()
From:      "M.C Wong" <>
Cc:        "M.C Wong" <>, "M.F Wong" <>,
Subject:   Question on FreeBSD multilink PPP support
Message-ID:  <>

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SOme time agao, someone posted an announcement of beta multilink PPP for
FreeBSD which I remembered is for sync PPP (correct me if I'm wrong). I
will have such as need to try to do the following:

Get 2 x 9.6K analog leased line (that can delivers up to 36.6Kbps of data
with the right modems) and bond them together to form a bigger pipe. So,
looks like what I need is a device that sits at my side and a remote site
that does bonding (inverse mux ??) on 2 separate analog leased line.
I wonder if running FreeBSD with the multilink (and sync) PPP software
on both sides is all I ever need to get it working ??

Please share any of your ideas/thoughts/experiences/tips/etc with me as this
may be a cost effective way for me to do Internet connection instead of
paying heaps for a digital leased line starting at 64Kbps and yet costs
much more than the aggregated bandwith of 2x36.6K.

M.C Wong

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