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Date:      Tue, 16 Nov 2004 21:32:11 +0100
From:      Tomek Tylec <>
To:        Daniel O'Connor <>,
Subject:   Re: VIA Rhine II network card
Message-ID:  <1100637131.609.15.camel@agape>
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Dnia 16-11-2004, Wto o godzinie 20:08 +1030, Daniel O'Connor napisa=B3(a):
> Hmm, I'm not sure what changed sorry - perhaps you could look for changes=
> the code by using

I made an experiment. I downloaded if_vr.c from cvs which was tagged as
5.2.1-RELEASE. Then I substituted if_vr.c in my /usr/src/sys/pci. Of
course kernel did not compile, but I analyzed errors, and slightly
modified if_vr.c according to latest version of that file. Then it
compiled successfuly. But nothing changed... So I think there are 3

1) It's problem in my network. But it's very odd that it happens only
when I run 5.3, not under Linux, and 5.1.
2) The problem is not in if_vr.c but in some other part of system, but
which ?
3) Problem must be in part of code that I had to replace in if_vr.c, to
have it correctly compiled. These were:

a) functions: vr_start, vr_start_locked, vr_init, vr_init_locked
In comments near these functions I read that they (vr_start*) are
responsible for transmission. I've pasted them as they were in current
vr_if.c because of changes in some structures used there...
b) part of function vr_txeof
Future examining of code is beyond my skills...

Anyone knows what could be wrong ?

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