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Date:      Fri, 21 Apr 95 11:40:41 MDT
From: (Terry Lambert)
To:        mpelella@VNET.IBM.COM
Subject:   Re: Install Procedure for xvgr-2.10pl1.tgz on IBM RISC/6000 w/ Unix
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To:   <> from "mpelella@VNET.IBM.COM" at Apr 21, 95 10:17:02 am

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> What is the install procedure for xvgr-2.10pl1.tgz on an IBM RISC/6000
> with AIX(IBM's UNIX equivalent)?

The tgz extension is indicative of a BSD package format binary image,

Which is basically a gzipped tar image.

So you would gunzip it with the gzip utilities (I believe they are on, or in the BSD source tree under /usr/src/gnu/...),
then you would untar it, and then there are package controls built
into some well-known file names in that archive.

If you are getting a source package, you might be better off going to
the home site for the package instead of taking it our of the FreeBSD

Note that BSD/Intel binaries, even if properly extracted, will not
run on AIX on an RS/6000.  You *must* get source and you *must*
build it yourself.

It is possible that the home site for the software in the package
will have prebuilt AIX binaries for you.

Determining the home site from the package requires pulling out the

					Terry Lambert
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