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Date:      Sun, 10 Sep 1995 14:10:53 -0700
From:      David Greenman <davidg@Root.COM>
To:        Terry Lambert <>
Subject:   Re: Network problems, please assist 
Message-ID:  <199509102111.OAA02963@corbin.Root.COM>
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>> date: 1995/06/29 08:21:32;  author: davidg;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -5
>> Removed "GATEWAY" consideration when calculating number of mbuf clusters.
>> It now always uses the value that was used for the GATEWAY case.
>Yeah.  This is probably the wrong thing to do for the non-GATEWAY case.

   No, it is correct for both cases.

>>    It isn't practical to make it soft configurable because the size of the
>> mb_map must be calculated at startup time. We could (should!) make some
>> extensions to 'userconfig' to allow you to change things like this.
>Or make mb_map resizeable.  I hate static configuration.

   maps aren't resizable.

>>    I highly recommend that you subscribe to the cvs-all mailing list so that
>> you don't give out so much disinformation.
>I prefer to run "cvs log" on specific files; too bad it doesn't work
>with SUP instead of CTM.
>Having too many buffers for the non-GATEWAY case is little better than
>having few in the GATWAY case.  Both are equally broken.

   You don't understand what this does. "nmbclusters" sets the *limit*. No
buffers are actually allocated until they are needed. There are no additional
buffers or space allocated (except in the map, but this is a virtual memory
thing and has nothing to do with physical memory).


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