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Date:      Sat, 6 Apr 2019 10:49:15 +0200
From:      "Rocky Hotas" <>
To:        "FreeBSD Questions" <>
Subject:   Re: vi(1) and ISO 8859-1
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> Sent: Friday, April 05, 2019 at 9:43 AM
> From: "Matthias Apitz" <guru@unixarea=2Ede>
> To: freebsd-questions@freebsd=2Eorg
> Subject: Re: vi(1) and ISO 8859-1


> > This is with vim 8=2E1=2E555 on=20
> >=20
> > $ uname -a
> > FreeBSD c720-r342378 13=2E0-CURRENT FreeBSD 13=2E0-CURRENT GENERIC  am=

Thanks for your test and for the version check=2E

> I now realized that you were talking about vi(1) while I was talking
> about vim (from the ports)=2E

Exactly: they are not the same=2E

> If you compare it with vim on Linux, you
> should better compare this port because on Linux vi is vim:

Yes, on Linux vi(1) is a symlink to vim=2E It's good that at least the vim=
Linux and the one in FreeBSD ports behave similarly=2E

Even without a comparison between them, my doubt is another one=2E I wonde=
r if
it is normal and expected that FreeBSD's vi(1) (which actually is nvi/nex)
does not automatically switch its encoding according to the current file,
despite the `fileencoding, fe [auto detect]' in the manpage=2E

Again, `auto detect' lets me wonder about this=2E

I am using vi(1) Version 2=2E1=2E3 (2015-04-08) on FreeBSD 12-RELEASE amd6=



> 	matthias=20
> --=20
> Matthias Apitz, =E2=9C=89 guru@unixarea=2Ede, http://www=2Eunixarea=2Ede=
/ +49-176-38902045
> Public GnuPG key: http://www=2Eunixarea=2Ede/key=2Epub
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