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Date:      Thu, 30 Apr 2020 08:46:52 -0500
From:      Scott Bennett <>
Subject:   Re: Updating from 11.3-stable to 12.1-stable?
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     On Wed, 29 Apr 2020 16:27:54 -0500 Bob Willcox <> wrote:
> Well, here are the steps that I took to upgrade my 11.3-STABLE system to
> 12.1-STABLE. May not be the best/most efficient but they worked for me
> and I thought someone else may benefit from them.
> 1)  Make a backup of the current system
> 2)  Delete everything in /usr/src, making certin to remove the files and directories
>     that start with a dot (".").
> 3)  Delete everything in /usr/obj.
> 4)  Download (via svn) the new FreeBSD release /usr/src to be updated to.
> 5)  Build the new world from the source.
> 6)  Build the new kernel from the source.
> 7)  Run "mergemaster -Fp" to update files that may be needing update prior to
>     doing the installworld.
> 8)  Run "make installworld" in /usr/src.
> 9)  Run "make installkernel" in /usr/src.
> 10) Run "mergemaster -iU" do update any remaining files that need to be updated.
> 11) Reboot the system.
> 12) Run "pkg update" to update the pkg database to the new system's level.
> 13) Run "pkg upgrade" to update all packages to reflect the new system's level.
> 14) Reboot the system.
     If you did things as you state and it worked, you got lucky.  Your step 7) has
to be run in /usr/src, just like 8) and 9) and 10).  8) and 9) appear above in
reversed order.  Also, you omitted 8.5).  Steps 8) through 9) should have been:

 8)  Run "make installkernel" in /usr/src.
 8.5)  Reboot.  IFF this new kernel comes up correctly, then proceed to step 9).
 9)  Run "make installworld" in /usr/src.

Not doing it like this runs a grave risk of needing to restore the system from
backups to make it usable again.  The last time I looked at it, the Handbook
laid this procedure out clearly.

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