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Date:      Thu, 4 Aug 2011 15:50:55 +0300
From:      Zeus V Panchenko <>
To:        Ian Smith <>
Subject:   Re: weird results while ipsec + ipfv_nat (nat before vpn)
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Ian Smith ( [11.08.04 08:44] wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Aug 2011, Zeus V Panchenko wrote:
> [..]
> Although ipfw(8) doesn't explicitly say so - unlike natd(8) - I believe 
> that you need to specify either 'if bge1' or 'ip b.b.b.1', but not both.
>  > so, ipsec and ipfw_nat out works, but where are reply packets 
>  > disappearing to after coming to gif0 interface? why no backward 
>  > divert occures?
> Try 'ipfw nat show config' to see how ipfw thinks nat is configured, and 
> maybe 'ipfw show' to check that all your other rules match ipfw.conf

you are right, ipfw thinks about nat this way:
# ipfw nat show config
ipfw nat 100 config if bge1 log reverse

i have tried both combinations and still no result:
1. with `if' i see `incorrect' (lan ip) traffic on gif0
2. with `ip' i see only ipsec peer replies and no back divert
3. bUt with both options i see the same as in p.2 

any further idea?

Zeus V. Panchenko			      	        GMT+2 (EET)

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