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Date:               Thu, 16 Mar 1995 17:31:36 EST5EDT
From:      "Andrew Webster" <>
Subject:         The Future Domain SCSI Card
Message-ID:  <>

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Hi Fellow FreeBSDers,

For some time now, I've been looking at the traffic going by on the
question list, and every now and then soneone asks about whether or not
the Future Domain cards are supported by FreeBSD, and possibly other
stories of non-success in attempting to get their future domain cards to

So what is the story...

Are the Future domain cards supported YES or NO, inquiring minds want to

If they are NOT supported, is anyone currently WORKING on a port from a
Linux driver or writing one from scratch?  If not, what is involved in
WRITING a driver for the future domain cards?  I would be very much
interested in giving it a try, but some HELP would be required.

I have a couple of FreeBSD systems, and I am appaled by the price
difference between a TMC-16xx card and an Adaptec 1542 card which both
appear to offer similar functionality.

The models that I know of are the TMC-8xx/9xx series which are an 8-bit
card commonly bundled with CDROM packages, the TMC-16xx series which is a
full-blown 16 bit card with acceptable performance under DOS and other
commercial unixes, and the 7000 series which FD picked up from Western
Digital which if memory serves is either an MCA or EISA card.

Thank you for your patience.

  Andrew Webster   Network Manager / Special Projects
  Dataradio Inc.   200-5500 Royalmount Ave.      TEL: +1 514 737 0020
  Town of Mount Royal, QC, CANADA  H4P 1H7       FAX: +1 514 737 7883              Email:

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