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Date:      Fri, 17 Mar 1995 09:01:14 +0100
From: (Jan_Guldemond)
Subject:   Multiport Serial Cards Capacity
Message-ID:  <>

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I can see in the mailinglists that quite a few people use (or want to) 
multiport serial cards. I see a lot of talking going around, but what I also 
read that some cards can have problems with the capacity of the modems (in 
our case) connected to it.

Here's the case: I want to install a 8 or 16-port card to connect 8 (or 16) 
28k8 modems to enable customers to call in and explore the wide Internet!
But 16 modems with a 28k8 speed, comes to a total of 460kbit/sec. 
(theoraticly). Are there any cards that can hadle this much data? I heard a 
suggestion of the BOCA 2016 card (for 16 serial ports). Does anyone have any 
experience connection 16 modems to a BOCA 2016? If so, how about performance 
on a maximum load? Or does anyone have good experiences with any other cards 
regarding performance?


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