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Date:      Sun, 06 Feb 2011 10:09:47 -0600
From:      Eric Schuele <>
To:        Mario Lobo <>
Subject:   Re: 8.2 prerelease, virtualbox, and windows guests that freeze...
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On 02/06/2011 09:23, Mario Lobo wrote:
> On Saturday 05 February 2011 22:12:45 Eric Schuele wrote:
>> All,
>> I have a laptop running 8.2-prerelease GENERIC. I have virtualbox ose
>> 3.2.12 from ports (and kmod as well).
>> I've only installed windows guests in vbox. I've installed windows 200=
>> server 64, windows vista 64bit, and windows 7 32bit. I have the vbox
>> hdd images on an NTFS filesystem mounted using fuse.


> Eric;
> My advice to you is that you change the file system on drive that holds=

> the VMs files from NTFS to EXT2.

Thanks for the suggestion, however,  I've already tried this (sorta).
=46rom my original post...

>> I did try a windows guest on a non fuse filesystem just to rule that
>> out, but had same issue.

I suppose it may have been a little less than clear.  By "non fuse
filesystem"  I actually meant UFS.  The problem still persisted.

> NTFS file systems on FreeBSD or even Linux are OK only for doing small
> r/w stuff. I use the ntfs-3g which is really good but don't trust NTFS
> for heavy usage under those OSs. Sometimes it's not even trustable unde=
> windows itself.

I realize NTFS on fBSD has been shaky in the past, but had heard it had
come a long way these days.  It does seem to work well for all my
purposes, except these VMs.  Had hoped NTFS was not the issue.

> EXT on the other hand, is very stable in FreeBSD and has very good
> drivers for any version of 32/64 windows (Ext2IFS_1_11a) so you can
> access you vdi files.

I've not tried the EXT IFS for windows yet, nor had I heard much
regarding their success or failure.  If your willing to go out on a limb
and say "very good drivers for any version of 32/64 windows"...  I'll
give it a try, and post my results.  :)


> hope this helps.
> --=20
> Mario Lobo
> FreeBSD since 2.2.8 [not Pro-Audio.... YET!!] (99% winblows FREE)


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