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Date:      Wed, 3 Jan 1996 19:09:55 +0100
From: (Stefan Esser)
To:        Alex Kluev <>
Subject:   Re: Adaptec 294x problem
Message-ID:  <199601031809.AA02719@Sysiphos>
In-Reply-To: Alex Kluev <> "Re: Adaptec 294x problem" (Jan  3, 20:46)

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On Jan 3, 20:46, Alex Kluev wrote:
} Subject: Re: Adaptec 294x problem
} Hi! this is what we got after compiling in the pcibus.c from the 
} FreeBSD-current :
} [cut here]
} pcibus_setup(1a):	mode1res=0x00000000(0x80000000)
} pcibus_setup(1b):	mode1res=0x80000000(0xff000001)
} pcibus_check:		device - is there (id=20000e11)
} Probing for devices on the PCI bus:
}     configuration mode 1 allows 32 devices
} pci0:0 Compaq, device 0x2000, class=old (misc)[no driver assigned]

Fine the PCI bus was probed and the first PCI chip identified.

} vga0 <VGA compatible display device> rev 252 on pci0:10
}   mapreg[10] type=0 addr=40000000 size=1000000

Another PCI card was correctly identified.

} ahc0: <Adaptec 2940 SCSI host adapter> rev 3 int a irq255 on pci0:14

And finally your Adaptec. Did I see a IRQ 255 there ?
I guess your system doesn't offer that many IRQs ... :)

} ahc0: reading board settings
} ahc0: Reading SEEPROM...
} ahc0: SEEPROM read failed, using leftover BIOS values
} ahc0: 2940 single channel , SCSI Id=7, aic=7870, 0 SCBs.
} stray irq 0

The Adaptec has been initialized to issue IRQ 0s ...

This has to be configured in the PCI BIOS setup menu 
of your system. 

Let me know if you have any trouble to get this set up!

} Stefan, if only we had some docs on the PCI chipsets, we could try to 
} help with this situation. Could you spare any docs?

Well, there are a number of things I REALLY would love 
to do currently, but can't for lack of spare time :(

There is an installation manuall being reviewed currently,
and I want to get some PCI information in, but I don't 
know, whether I will have time to contribute something.

There is no lack of documentation on PCI chipsets, IMHO,
but a lack of documentation of general PCI concepts (e.g.
the PCI interrupt routing, there have been a number of 
wrong advices floating around, and it is not that complex,
just different than on the ISA bus ...).

Anyway, please try to specify an IRQ for the PCI slot of
your Adaptec card. It must be different from any interrupt
used for ISA cards, but several PCI cards may share one IRQ.
The boot message should contain that IRQ number, and then
you should be set ...

Regards, STefan
 Stefan Esser, Zentrum fuer Paralleles Rechnen		Tel:	+49 221 4706021
 Universitaet zu Koeln, Weyertal 80, 50931 Koeln	FAX:	+49 221 4705160
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