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Date:      Fri, 19 Oct 2012 09:04:00 -0500
From:      dweimer <>
To:        Shane Ambler <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Re: ZFS / Boot Environments / Jails / Upgrading form Source Code
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In-Reply-To: <508105E2.5060208@ShaneWare.Biz>
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On 2012-10-19 02:48, Shane Ambler wrote:
> On 19/10/2012 07:44, dweimer wrote:
>> First step replace the usr/src within the jail with new source using
>>  svn, easy enough.  Then start make buildworld... oops, I have a
>> problem now, the usr/obj/usr stuff is now under
>> /usr/obj/usr/jails/release91rc2..., However I want it to be under
>> /usr/jails/release91rc2/usr/obj/usr.
> If the jails base dir is /usr/obj/usr/jails/release91rc2 then it can
> only access files below that base dir. That is part of the jails 
> security.
> If your jail is based at /usr/obj/usr/jails/release91rc2 then the 
> jail
> by default will buildworld into /usr/obj of the jail system which
> translates to /usr/obj/usr/jails/release91rc2/usr/obj on the base 
> system.
> You can adjust the settings within the jail but it will always be
> within the release91rc2 dir so you can't use the jail to install into
> /usr/jails of the base system.

The base of the Jail, is /usr/jails/release91rc2, however, I did forget 
to mention that I was running the buildworld and buildkernel from the 
base system, with the intent to install using the 
DESTDIR=/usr/jails/release91rc2 command line option

>> From looking at the usr/src/Makefile  It looks like I need to set 
>> the
>>  MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/usr/jails/relase91rc2/usr/obj/usr/src/tmp
>> environment variable, but is that the best solution here? There's
>> also a /usr/obj/lib32 directory (system is running amd64, I assume
>> this is for 32 bit libraries), so I would likely need to do 
>> something
>> here as well, that I haven't gotten to yet.
> lib32 is part of the final system - you don't need to handle it
> separately. See man src.conf if you want to turn off the creation of
> 32bit libs.

Got it, Fine with leaving it there, just wanted to know if there was a 
separate option to define where it ended up.

> You can set MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX (default /usr/obj ) to define where the
> binary files are made.
> You can also set DESTDIR (default is / ) for the installworld step to
> define where they get installed.

It appears I went to deep on my definition of the MAKOBJDIRPREFIX, made 
the above path after seeing some output at the start of one of my 
buildworld attempts, which is what led me to believe there would be a 
second choice.

> When you start a buildworld or buildkernel the compiled binaries are
> stored within MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX. When that is complete the 
> installworld
> or installkernel steps install the files from MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX into
> DESTDIR to create a workable system. That prevents a failed build 
> from
> destroying part of your running system.
> If you want to experiment with different versions then you can also 
> try-
> mkdir /usr/jails
> cd /usr/jails
> svn co 9.0-src
> cd 9.0-src
> set MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX = /usr/jails/9.0-obj
> set DESTDIR = /usr/jails/9.0-base
> make buildworld && make installworld
> cd /usr/jails
> svn co 9.1-src
> cd 9.1-src
> set MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX = /usr/jails/9.1-obj
> set DESTDIR = /usr/jails/9.1-base
> make buildworld && make installworld

Here was the key information I needed, found several examples searching 
but none stated the MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=, as you state below they are not 
needed for the running system, guessing most people clean them up 
afterwards so they aren't concerned they don't exist in the same boot 
environment in the end.  I prefer to keep them in the same boot 
environment if possible, just so that if I delete a boot environment I 
know I got rid of everything that belonged to it and don't end up 
uselessly eating up extra disk space.  I do delete the /usr/obj/usr 
directory prior to any rebuild, from old documentation I read when I 
first started doing source upgrades as a method of improving the speed 
of the buildworld.  I am sure those were written for a 32bit system, 
which is why the lib32 directory wasn't included in those instructions.

>> I know the /usr/obj/usr directory can be deleted after the
>> installation of the source, does the same go for the /usr/obj/lib32
>> directory?  if so
> Anything in MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX (/usr/obj) can be deleted after you have
> installed it, including lib32 which are libs to allow running 32bit
> programs on a 64bit system.

Looks like I am on the right path, now time to give it a try with the 
new environment variables, thanks for your help Shane.

If all goes well on this step, only things I have left to figured out 
and test is creating zfs snapshots by hand of volumes outside my boot 
environment, and mounting those read write within the jailed systems 
base so that I can fully test my applications against the latest live 
data without changing the actual data.  Don't expect to have any trouble 
with this one.

And then last of all need to test removing a HD from my Virtual 
Machine, adding a replacement, and rebuilding the mirror, again don't 
expect this to be a problem, just need to work my way through them and 
get the steps down before I am comfortable doing these procedures on a 
system that I need to run when its completed.

    Dean E. Weimer

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