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Date:      Tue, 01 Jul 1997 08:50:13 -0700
From:      Don Wilde <>
To:        Tim Oneil <>
Subject:   Re: SCSI Hardware (was: QIC-80 Floppy Tapes)
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> Fry's Electronics, its a California Bay Area phenomenon I think.
> They will send you a catalog though, let me get a number and I
> will post it. They have a rep for bad customer service, they hire
> kids and welfare types that have ZERO% knowledge of the products
> they are trying to sell, but they generally have the most at the
> lowest under one roof. I go elswhere for motherboards though, I've
> had bad luck with the mb's they seem to want to carry. Got my
> quantum fireball there though and that seemed to me to be a good
> price.

Hey! Smile when you say that! Fry's is a good place to buy -- there are
5 of them down here in LA/Orange C as well. However, it is true that it
is 'buyer know your stuff!'. They are very good about taking back
incompatible stuff, no questions asked, if you include all the packaging
etc. I would NOT recommend them for mail order, though. There are better
places. I buy from Motherboard Express in the midwest, also Treasure
Chest in the deep south has given me *exceptional* service. One thing
that Fry's WILL do to you is sell you a stripped motherboard. For
example, I have bought several Iwill/Quick Tech P55TV boards from both
TC and Fry's, and the ones from Fry's did not come with the CPU fan or
any of the other accessories -- and the price was higher. Another little
devious trick Fry's will do is to sell you the so-called 'OEM' package
of something... which basically means that after 3 days you are stuck
with the manufacturer for support. Read the sales slip on that disk
drive you mention, they do it a lot with the WD drives and Adaptec
controllers as well.
	All this said, however, the beauty of Fry's is that the prices are
screaming low -- enough to usually counter the high 8.75% sales tax --
and you can walk in and walk out immediately with top quality computer
hardware in less than an hour. (that is, if you go there on a weekday
morning. It's a total zoo any other time!) You just have to know what
you're doing.
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