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Date:      Tue, 20 Aug 1996 16:13:14 -0400
From:      Branson Matheson <>
To:        "Sean J. Schluntz" <>
Subject:   Re: Sending Text Messages to a Pager from FBSD 
Message-ID:  <>
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 it's amazing how many times I have answered this question....

"Sean J. Schluntz" uttered with conviction:
>How can you set up FBSD to send Alpha pages?  I think the easist way would
>be to set up the eMail Paging that I have seen (send eMail to a special
>account and it gets forwarded to the pager) and have the system log the
>messages you want passed on to the eMail account.  

 There is a program called asap that is found at the SysAdmin Mag ftp
 site. It is in one of the monthly archive files.. you will need bash,
 perl and kermit. Get:

> But then how to you setup the eMail account to do that?

 easy an alias... mine look like:

 pbranson:"| /usr/local/bin/"


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