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Date:      Mon, 02 Jul 2007 17:24:47 -0500
From:      Tim Daneliuk <>
To:        PU <>
Subject:   Re: Problem with a NIC in FBSD 6.2
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PU wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a bit of a problem I'm hoping someone here can help with. I built a
> 6.2 FBSD box and wound up with a bad NIC out of 3 and what I thought might
> have been a bad pci slot. I replaced the NIC with a new one, and moved the
> card to another slot just to make sure I took care of the problem.
> However, now when I boot up, my rl0 interface is recognized, but isn't
> 'initialized'. What I mean by that is that I see entries in dmesg, but an
> ifconfig does not show that interface. I can't even plumb the thing as the
> OS says it doesn't exist. What really throws me is that the other two NICs
> and a video card that were also moved are recognized with no problems at
> all. Problems just seem to follow the rl0 interface.

Hmmm .. ISTM that the way to attack this is to take a single NIC and
try it in each slot to make sure that card it properly recognized.
Repeat for each NIC.  You will discover one of several possibilities:

a) A given NIC is actually bad in that it fails in one or more slots
    where the other (good) NICs work in any slot you try.
    Remedy: Place the NIC on the ground and strike it repeatedly
    with a large hammer.

b) All NICs work in some slots but fail on others.  This would hint
    to one of two possibilities:  A bad PCI slot or a motherboard
    that does strange and perverse things by hardwiring certain
    interrupts to certain slot positions (yes, I've seen this and
    it's maddening).  Remedy:  Run over the motherboard with a large

c) Any given NIC will work in any slot, but they cannot all coexist in the
    same machine.  I have seen this sort of problem (not with NICs) and it
    was the aforementioned PCI interrupt mapping being hardwired and/or
    shared in unpleasant ways.  REMEDY: Again, run over the motherboard.

P.S.  RealTeks are not terrific NICs.  For low end - if you can even still
       find them, I like the old 3Com 3c905s.  For a few bucks more, the
       Intels seem to be quite nice as well.

P.P.S.  Make sure the mobo BIOS isn't doing something unnatural about
         interrupt mapping/sharing and PCI slot configuration.

P.P.P.S Roasting goats

Tim Daneliuk
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Tim Daneliuk
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