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Date:      Thu, 12 Oct 95 12:15:33 +0100
From:      David Hedley <>
Subject:   PCNFS
Message-ID:  <10762.813496533@danno>

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Has anybody managed to get a PC running PCNFS (5.x) to mount a directory on
a FreeBSD host using the standard nfsd/mountd combination? I can't get it
to work at all. In the end I have resorted to compiling the user-space nfs
server code that Linux uses and this seems to work OK (although directories
with more than 20 files seem to screw it up badly).

I'm pretty sure it isn't a permissions problem as I don't have to tell the
user-space nfsd/mountd to allow accesses from unprivileged port or mounts
from non-root clients.

Can someone verify that it does actually work? I have checked the mail
archives via the Web but I couldn't find a definition answer.


p.s. I am running FreeBSD 2.1 SNAP from a couple of weeks ago.

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