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Date:      Thu, 30 Apr 2020 19:32:35 +0200
From:      Christoph Kukulies <>
Subject:   Mounting from ufs:/dev/ad2s1a failed with error 19.
Message-ID:  <>

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I did a fresh install of FreeBSD 12.1 today on an older Amd 64 ASRock =
Board and was pleasantly surprised how smooth everything went.

Boot device was a Kingston SSD 240GB which was on AHCI port 2 and AHCI =
Port 0 was another disk. After the install I wanted to boot but boot =
failed. Since the live CD was still inserted at that point in time the =
system tried to boot the live CD for whatever reason.

After that I swapped the ports and connected the install drive to port 0 =
and made it the preferable boot device (in first order in the BIOS).

Now I=E2=80=99m getting a boot failure. The system boots into the=20

mountroot> prompt givin the above error as shown in the subject line:

Mounting from ufs:/dev/ad2s1a failed with error 19.

What=E2=80=99s wrong?


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