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Date:      Sat, 18 Feb 95 14:54:17 MST
From: (Terry Lambert)
To: (bo)
Subject:   Re: New sendmail in 0210SNAP?
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To:  <"3465 Sat Feb 18 16:12:13 1995">  from "bo" at Feb 18, 95 04:12:00 pm

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> >No, no changes to sendmail i am aware of.What may produce this error 
> >is an error in the libc that may be in the 0210 snapshot. Not sure about it.
> >If you have enough space and the source loaded, look into lib/libc/gen/getcwd.c.
> >If this uses something like a getenv("PWD") somewhere in the code, try to get
> >a newer version of this file and replace that in the library.
> Thank rkw@dataplex who made a new libc and sendmail from
> -current. I tried it but unfortunately, the problem did
> not go away. Since the libc and is such a globally
> needed library, I suspect it is not safe to simply replace
> them and compile sendmail and pray for the world peace. I
> might want to go back to 0202SNAP if I can find it. Or even
> 2.0-RELEASE? When is next snap shot?

I guess I lost the original posting.

What exactly is the problem here, beside that someone somewhere thinks
that the unnamed problem is the result of sendmail?

Note that there is a bad interaction because of the new resolver library
such that sendmail is unable to look up hosts and it sticks in the
queue.  This because there was a change to the resolver to get rid of
the static initialization of global data, specificially the default
retry count.

Sendmail saves a 0 value (it used to be 4) and restores it after the
the initialization takes place.

This should have been fixed in a newer sendmail, since relying on
the resolver's global state preinitialization is a bad thing to do.

Supposedly sendmail would explicitly call the resolver init as long
as it was not in a debug mode that thwarted the resolver, when the
final patch had been made.

Perhaps your problem is updated resolver code in the libc used to build

One of the symptoms of this was that the initial send would fail and
the mail would sit in the queue until explicitly flushed out or a
timeout occurred.

					Terry Lambert
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