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Date:      Mon, 17 Nov 2014 13:42:37 +0100
From:      Willem Jan Withagen <>
To:        "Bjoern A. Zeeb" <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Net <>, "" <>, freebsd-arch <>
Subject:   Re: RFC: Enabling VIMAGE in GENERIC
Message-ID:  <>
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On 17-11-2014 12:42, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:
> On 17 Nov 2014, at 11:20 , Willem Jan Withagen <> wrote:
>> I think I understand your critique, but then on the other hand I wonder
>> where the reluctance is.... As I read it, things are going to be enabled
>> in CURRENT only (for the time). Which is exactly for the reasons you
>> worry about: Is it going to be reliable enough??
> No, the answer to that still is “no” in it’s current state and we know that.
> I think one of the main problems is that no one has been able to pull the
> thing to the end in the last three years.  Why should it happen within 6 weeks now?
> I think it would be a really good idea to do that but the current TODO list,
> I think, is by far not sufficing.
> There’s a second problem we’ll hit in that same timeframe:  general network
> stack breakage;  we’ll hit the times when we’ll not be sure if things broke
> because of VIMAGE or are also broken in the normal network stack.   There’ll
> be a lot of regression test writing and debugging to be done.
> That all said, I’d like to see it happen as well, but I’d love to have a lot
> of the issues being addressed first before putting a date on it to enable
> it in GENERIC in HEAD.

Hi Bjoern,

The constraints as you put them are indeed rather tight. There is little
to be done about it. I was not aware of the fact that 11.0 is planned
for release in such short time.
Somewhere in the back op my head is: planning is start release cycle
around Q2 2015. And I took the liberty to add some testing & QA time to
that, so I expect it after summer holidays in 2015.

Now I admit: I don't write code for this, nor do I have the knowledge to
But do run CURRENT to test exactly all these visualization options...
Have not (yet) found a requirement to put VIMAGE to good use, so I never
switched it on.

The down side of all this, is that if we cannot turn it on during the
11-STABLE lifetime. Then it is going to take a full version release
cycle to make it to the front. Which I find a pity, since it misses the
opportunity for FreeBSD to add another distinctive element to their
visualization possibilities.

I prefer not to take this into a debate about the way things should go.
Over time I've seen too many of these discussions turn in to shouting
wars/bikesheds/and what not.... So given the fact I'm not going to do
it, I'll leave the rest of the discussion to those that are actual doing
all the work... (for which already 20 year of thanks)


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