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Date:      Mon, 31 Oct 2005 11:30:52 +0100
From:      Philip Lykke Carlsen <>
Subject:   Re: Basic Port Management.Is there any?
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Monday 31 October 2005 10:00 skrev George Katsanos:
> Hello ! ,
> As a fresh Freebsd user[and fan] I am trying to set up my WM / X
> environment and choose the apps I will use for basic stuff.
> Text Editors , Image viewers , Mail apps , FileManagers.
> So after I see some screenshots [it would be very nice and handy if some
> screenshots could be added to the database] I'm making
> install the port to check it out. Some times , I decided that I don't like
> it . So my first though is to get rid of it , cause I don't want ''trash''
> on my system.
> I'm making deinstall [or pkg_delete] to remove it. Everything ok so far ,
> but what about the one zillion dependant pkg's the app made?
> You can say , do a pkg_delete -r . Yes but this will may delete also pkgs
> that are Needed by other ports/apps..
> Is there any good plan solution for this ?...

well.. if you issue a `pkg_info -r pkg_name`  command you will see all the packages that the package pkg_name depends on..

As for ports' management I'd recommend installing sysutils/portupgrade
some people like sysutils/portmanager better though.. but I can't really say I'm familliar with that though..

the portupgrade port is a set of utilities to help you manage your installed ports..

it's got pkg_deinstall which seems to have what you seek
pkg_deinstall -R would deinstall a package's dependencies as well

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