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Date:      Sat, 27 Jul 2002 11:17:08 -0400
From:      "Dave [Hawk-Systems]" <>
To:        "sagacious" <>, <>
Subject:   RE: Peter heads back to M$FT WinBloze [support groups]
Message-ID:  <>
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>You can get x running beautifully if you simply take the time to read
>about it and set it up. If they ever integrated X built into the core os
>I would piss all over FreeBSD and move to net, open or something else.

I second that.  Then again, I have installed(read (toyed with") X maybe 3 times
since 3.2 to determine viability as a desktop environment, then elected to pass
on it for a corporate environment.  Placed everyone on Win2k simply from a
support/learning curve for users rational.  Tech support is cheaper as well
(multitude of MCSomethingOrOthers out there who can at least do basic win
support).  Using a non MS platorm on workstations simply because it isn't MS
isn't a good reason IMO.

That being said, my win2k destop seldom has less than 4 SecureCRT terminal
windows open to the various servers...

>The mere thought of that turns my stomach. I love FreeBSD. Don't give
>these guys any idea's that are going to make BSD more like windows for
>the stupid user that needs everything done for them. Just my two cents.

Of the 20 some odd servers I manage with freebsd on it, none have X simply
because it is't needed from a server pov.  Personally, FreeBSD is a great server
platform as is, leave X (et al) as an option.


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