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Date:      Tue, 20 Aug 1996 19:03:46 -0500 (CDT)
From:      Randy <root@arabian.sylvester>
Subject:   RE: Install Problem
Message-ID:  <XFMail.960820190601.root@arabian.sylvester>

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>> > From: Bill Cummings <>
>> > To: Randall D. DuCharme <>
>> > Subject: Re: Install Problem
>> > Date: Sunday, August 18, 1996 4:51 PM
>> > 
>> >  
>> > > Bill,
>> > > 
>> > > From one novice to another... don't feel bad.  I've had my share of
>> > > these kinds of problems too.  I've experienced the same thing you did.
>> > > The solution is a simple one.... Both the DOS boot sector and root
>> > > BSD partition must reside below 1024 cylinders.  I partitioned my 1.6
>> > > drive as follows ( with fips and fdisk) ....
>> > > 
>> > > partition A --- 20MB for /
>> > > partition B --- 800 MB for Win95
>> > > partition C --- used for /usr and /var
>> > > 
>> > > Works slick!  
>> > > 
>> > > Hope this helps some
>> > > 
>> > > Randy
>> > 
>> > 
>> > Randy,
>> > 
>> > Thanks for the reply! So, I need to make the first partition a small 
>> > one for /, the second one large enough for Win95 and whatever else
>> > I have, and the rest for /usr and /var? Will /usr and /var be mounted
>> > automatically, even though they are seperated? Forgive me for 
>> > sounding "green behind the ears", but I never had to fight with 
>> > partitions until I decided to try FreeBSD. thanks again for replying! 
>> > :)
>> Bill,
>>     Yes /usr and /var will mount automatically, provided you set them up
>> correctly

  < smip >

>> Randy

>Hi Randy,
>Let's see if I have the correct procedure in mind here, if you 
>don't mind?
>I'm thinking I have to start out fresh, with a clean hard drive
>( nothing installed ) . I then have to use fdisk to create the small
>/ partition. But, will I be able to install Win95 on the second, 
>larger partition? Ok, so I DON'T have a procedure in mind, yet!
>Hehehehehe, I'm beginning to think I should have left well enough
>alone and went with FreeBSD alone. :)
>Anyhow, I've tried splitting the DOS partition with FIPS, to 
>make the small / partition, but FIPS reports that it is not bootable.
>Good grief, I'll understand if you don't have the time to help me 
>through this, but if you don't, could you point me to whatever 
>source of information you found to get you through it? :)
>Thanks a million!

Hi Bill,

Here's how I do it.

1) Create one primary partition with DOS's FDISK large enough for 
root + swap + WinDoze95.  You will have to re-boot and format 
that partition( unless you're crafty with assembly language :) ).
 Otherwise FIPS will complain about an invalid jump instruction.

2) Split the partition you created and formatted with FIPS, making
the first ("old partition") large enough for root + swap.

3) Start the FreeBSD Installation and select "Novice" installation.

4) At the BSD Fdisk screen you'll see 4 partition entries... 2 
unused ones, and 2 FAT partitions in the middle.  Select the
FIRST partion and select 'D' to delete it.

5) You now have 2 unused partitons and one FAT partition.  Select
the first unused one and select 'C' for create.  Here you'll create
your root and swap partitions.  I made my root 25M, so I specified
25M in the dialog box, and accepted the default type 165 for the 
partition type.  Be careful here as you'll need a 'true 20 megs 
for your / partition.

6) You now have 5 partition entries.  Select the SECOND unused 
partition and ('C') create the swap partition.  I just accepted
the default size and type here too.

7) I then selected the last unused partition used all of it 
for /usr and /var. ( I create /var as a subdirectory of /usr
and symlink it,  after installation )  I then selected 'Q'
to finish. And selected Boot Mgr installation.

8) If you're still with me you'll come to the DiskLabel
editor where you'll set your mount points.  If you've done
exactly as I did, you'll have one DOS partition labeled
wd0s2, and 3 BSD partitions, or  slices. (wd0s1, s3, and s4)
Select wd0s1, press 'C' to create, accept the default size,
then 'FS' for file system and / as a mount point.
Select wd0s2, press 'C' to create, accept the default size,
then 'SWAP'  This creates your swap slice.  Do the same for
/usr ( the final BSD slice and you should be on your way!

You'll then need to install DOS, or Windoze once you've installed
FreeBSD.  Win95 hoses the BootMgr so once you finish installing
that, you'll have to go back and re-install it with 'bootinst.exe'.

The it's all uphill from there!!!     :)

Hope this helps!   Good Luck


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