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Date:      Sun, 08 Nov 1998 11:49:43 +0000
From:      Brian Somers <>
To:        "Alex Davidson" <>
Subject:   Re: PPP Still not working 
Message-ID:  <>
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If your interface has no assigned address, it means that you haven't 
successfully negotiated the connection with your ISP.

Have you read the FAQ at ?  
Try enabling lots of logging and posting the results.  I would think 
that either your PAP/CHAP login/password is wrong or that your ``set 
ifaddr'' line is wrong.

> Well I am still not able to connect successfully to my ISP.  To recap, I can
> dial and connect but can't ping.  No-one here has noticed a particular
> problem with my ppp.conf file.
> I did contact my ISP and they suggested running ifconfig.  This just gave
> the usage so after dialing in to my ISP I ran:
> ifconfig tun0 inet
> which gave:
> tun0: flags=8011<UP,POINTOPOINT,MULTICAST>mtu 1500
> ifconfig: tun0 has no inet interface address!
> ifcongig -l
> gave me:
> de0 lp0 tun0 sl0 ppp0 lo0
> ifconfig ppp0 inet
> gave me:
> ppp0: flags=8011<POINTOPOINT,MULTICAST>mtu 1500
> ppp0 has no inet interface address!

User ppp uses the tun interface.  Pppd uses the ppp interface.

> Any other suggestions?  Seems to me like ppp0 should have UP after <.
> Alex
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