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Date:      Fri, 15 Sep 95 10:18:43 PDT
From:      "Ugen J.S.Antsilevich" <>
Subject:   2.0.5. questions...+ IDE CDROM
Message-ID:  <Chameleon.>

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Two questions...

 1) As i got too tired to try an dinstall -current, i bought CDROM of 2.0.5
from Walnut-Creek and installed that one...Well, it went almost right 
except that: 1) After recompiling kernel i'v got that error when all 
the tty's (ever virtual pty's or vty's) is not recognised as such.
If you run tty, it says "not a tty", login behaves strangely and surely
enough root can't login and all other things which happen when you use just a 
file descriptor instead of tty. I remember i found how to fix that 
a lot of time ago , buit can't recall it now..Any suggestions???
 2) This one is more tricky. When i tried to use -current, IDE CDROM configured
ok, but any attempt to mount /dev/wcd0c gave me kernel printf complaining
about something not ready and Abort code 54. Same happens for 2.0.5 kernel with
IDE CDROM code, i patched into... Is this common? What's the fix if at all??

Thank you.

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