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Date:      Sun, 12 Feb 95 00:10 EST
From: (Mario Marrano)
Subject:   1.44 floppy install solution
Message-ID:  <>

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 "I get an error message when booting from boot.flp
to the tune:"fd0c:hard error reading fsbn 16 of 16-31 (st0 
40<abnrml> st1 4<sec_not_fnd> st2 10<wrong_cyl> cyl0 hd0 sec17) 
 panic:cannot mount root"

I (sort Of) solved this problem by using the 1.2mb drive as A: 
instead of the 1.44. There are 2 versions of the "boot.flp" 
image on the FreeBSD 2.0 CD.I used "boot_12.flp.Although this 
doesn't fix the problem with the 1.44 booting up, I'm still 
happy that I've reached the end of the installation.

I hope you folks will excuse this dumb question I ask, but what 
is the login name and password for this thing?? []-)

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