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Date:      Sun, 07 May 1995 00:44:47 -0500 (CDT)
From:      "Robert M." <>
Subject:   Does anyone know where the unexpected ";" in procmail is?
Message-ID:  <>

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   Hello everyone

  I have been trying to get the procmail to run but it dies on the build
  with the message below.  It says unepected ";" but it does not give 
  a line number or file name.  I've also tried the 3.11pre1 release with
  the patch and it still will not work.  

  If anyone has any ideas what file the ";" is in please let me know.

  Thank You
  Robert Montgomery

9 montgome [~/procmail/procmail-3.10]> make istall
/bin/sh ./initmake /bin/sh "/bin/tcsh" "/bin/rm -f" "mv -f" "ln"  "-lm -ldir 
-lx -lsocket -lnet -linet -lnsl_s -lnsl_i -lnsl -lsun  -lgen -lsockdns"  
"/lib /usr/lib /usr/local/lib"  /dev/null "make" o  "cc" "-O" "-s " "procmail 
lockfile formail mailstat"  "procmail formail lockfile"  
"procmailrc procmailsc procmailex" "src man"  "/usr/local/bin/bin"
Warning: really perverted make detected
cc seems to work fine, using that as the C-compiler
	...scanning for 12 libraries...
	...scanning for 11 libraries...
             stuff deleted
	...scanning for 2 libraries...

Added LDFLAGS= -lm -lc
make make install
echo Housekeeping file >config.check
cd man; make ../new/procmail.1 ../new/formail.1 ../new/lockfile.1 
../new/procmailrc.5 ../new/procmailsc.5 ../new/procmailex.5
/bin/sh ./autoconf /bin/sh "/bin/rm -f" "mv -f" /dev/null  "grep -F" "make" o 
"__defaults__"  "/usr/local/bin/bin" ../autoconf.h
  more stuff deleted

Collecting results from kernel-locking tests
/* This file was automagically generated by autoconf */

#define GOT_bin_test
#define MAX_argc 3735
/* Your system's strstr() is 1.98 times SLOWER than my C-routine */
#define SLOWstrstr			      /* using my substitute instead */
#define UDP_protocolno 17
#define BIFF_serviceport "512"
#define IP_localhost {127,0,0,1,}
#define SYSTEM_MAILBOX "/var/mail/$LOGNAME"
#define SENDMAIL "/usr/sbin/sendmail"
#define CF_no_procmail_yet
#define defPATH "PATH=$HOME/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin"
/*locktype: 4, countlocks: 80, timeout 0, watchdog 14, /tmp/_locktest*/
/*locktype: 2, countlocks: 80, timeout 0, watchdog 17, /tmp/_locktest*/
/*locktype: 1, countlocks: 0, timeout 0, watchdog 8, /tmp/_locktest*/
/*locktype: 1, countlocks: 0, timeout 0, watchdog 8, ./_locktest*/
/* Hotwire LOCKINGTEST=001 */
/* Procmail will lock via: dotlocking, flock() */
#define NOfcntl_lock
#define USEflock
/* autoconf completed */
cc -c -O lastdirsep.c
/bin/sh ./mansed /bin/sh procmail.1 "/bin/rm -f" /dev/null
ln ../man/procmail.1 ../new/procmail.1
/bin/sh ./mansed /bin/sh formail.1 "/bin/rm -f" /dev/null
ln ../man/formail.1 ../new/formail.1
/bin/sh ./mansed /bin/sh lockfile.1 "/bin/rm -f" /dev/null
ln ../man/lockfile.1 ../new/lockfile.1
/bin/sh ./mansed /bin/sh procmailrc.5 "/bin/rm -f" /dev/null
ln ../man/procmailrc.5 ../new/procmailrc.5
/bin/sh ./mansed /bin/sh procmailsc.5 "/bin/rm -f" /dev/null
ln ../man/procmailsc.5 ../new/procmailsc.5
/bin/sh ./mansed /bin/sh procmailex.5 "/bin/rm -f" /dev/null
ln ../man/procmailex.5 ../new/procmailex.5
Syntax error: ";" unexpected
*** Error code 2

*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1


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