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Date:      Fri, 10 Aug 2018 15:48:04 +0200
From:      Ralf Mardorf <>
Subject:   Re: Classic Gear Priced to Sell
Message-ID:  <20180810154804.661f54ba@archlinux>
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On Fri, 10 Aug 2018 08:29:53 -0400, Jim Ohlstein wrote:
>Can an admin block this address from which this came
>( It seems to send spam almost every


I had in mind that we often get "Serious issue found
while visiting your website"", but we don't.

There is one "Classic Gear Priced to Sell" and one "Serious issue found
while visiting your website" in the mailing list archive of the last
month and one of each this month. The month before last month, there is
only the obligatory "Serious issue found while visiting your website",
no ""Classic Gear Priced to Sell".

On freebsd-multimedia there is non of those mails in the archive of
June, July and August.

If I glance over the archive of this month for freebsd-questions, I see
a lot of spam. Here are the subjects of the spam I noticed:

=E6=99=82=E5=B0=9A=E5=85=AC=E5=AF=93 Concieria Meguro =E9=A6=99=E6=B8=AF=E5=
"Attempted unauthorized access to your PayPal account",
"No subject",
"Article - AAB International Summer Academy",
"baronetomli, =CF=84=CF=8E=CF=81=CE=B1 =CE=BC=CF=80=CE=BF=CF=81=CE=B5=CE=AF=
=CF=84=CE=B5 =CE=BD=CE=B1 =CE=B5=CF=80=CE=B9=CF=83=CF=84=CF=81=CE=AD=CF=88=
=CE=B5=CF=84=CE=B5 =CF=83=CF=84=CE=BF Instagram =CE=B5=CF=8D=CE=BA=CE=BF=CE=
"Inversi=C3=B3n o liquidez",
"Cybernet Media Limited, The luxury Indiana Executive Chair",
"Calgary - Canada - Market update talk on this weekend 2-3 June in HK",
"Get Patent Solar 4LED Warning Beacon Now",
"DBG 7630765",
"Alternate Donation Method Request",
"Keep unaffected from Google Updates",
"Never Been Easier to Add a Reverse Camera Like This",
"Resultados en 2018",
" is missing out on Google ranking",
"Financiaci=C3=B3n con fondos europeos",
"Handheld Inkjet Printer Manufacturer",
"Informaci=C3=B3n sobre ICO"

I don't know how to value "HackerEarth and Free BSD Partnership" and
"No internet".

That is a lot of spam, but they are using different addresses.

Btw. "freebsd-questions list run by
freebsd-questions-owner at", see ;).


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