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Date:      Wed, 3 Jan 1996 20:29:23 -0500 (EST)
From:      Barry Masterson <>
To:        James Raynard <>
Cc:        "freebsd.questions" <>
Subject:   Re: ppp from shell, & starting X
Message-ID:  <>
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On Wed, 3 Jan 1996, James Raynard wrote:

> > Question 2: Can I simply place the ppp files:
> > in my ~/home/bin  directory, and expect it to run without any complaints.
> Possibly, but you really don't need to do this. Just start X as yourself
> and then get a root xterm (type 'su -' at the command prompt in an xterm 
> and enter the root password when prompted). This will come in useful for
> any other admin-related tasks you may need/wish to perform while running X.
> James

That looks like a good solution. I'll give it a try.  I did however
fix most of the problems that I listed in that original letter.

To start ppp from X, I "su" (for good luck), and cd to /usr/sbin, then:

	% ./ppp

It works. 
The 'rtinit''wrong ifa' message I was getting when I first started ppp
was solved by UnCommenting the 'ifconfig_lo0="inet localhost"' line in 
I don't remember just why I commented out that line originally, but
with it now uncommented, I haven't gotten the 'rtinit' message,
( did get ' SIOCAIFADDR: file exists', but I'm not too worried about
that one at the moment).

Anyway, I can now startx after a ppp (text based shell) session without
rebooting. UnCommenting that line solved a few problems and eliminated
a few boot time error messages.

Thanks for writing.

Barry Masterson
  FreeBSD     2.1.0

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