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Date:      Tue, 5 Apr 2011 21:00:02 -0500
From:      Kevin Kinsey <>
Subject:   Thunderbird segfaults if UID > 0
Message-ID:  <>

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I've had trouble since upgrading mail/thunderbird from 2.X
to 3.1.9 --- as a non-root user, it segfaults.

As root, I have no issues.

I've tried:

1. Googling
2. "mv .mozilla .mozilla-old && thunderbird"
3.  sudo chmod 777 /dev/null && thunderbird
    (and similar stuff with /dev/fd/* and
    the symlinks stdin, stdout and stderr.

I'm kind of stumped at this point.  Here's the
last part of a ktrace:

 54137 sh       RET   read 872/0x368
 54137 sh       CALL  stat(0x283034d0,0xbfbfe638)
 54137 sh       NAMI  "/usr/local/lib/thunderbird/"
 54137 sh       STRU  struct stat {dev=87, ino=6053072, mode=-rwxrwxrwx 
, nlink=1, uid=0, gid=0, rdev=24241760, atime=1302052597, 
stime=1301719584, ctime=1302044479, birthtime=1301719584, size=10461, 
blksize=4096, blocks=24, flags=0x0 }
 54137 sh       RET   stat 0
 54137 sh       CALL  eaccess(0x283034d0,X_OK)
 54137 sh       NAMI  "/usr/local/lib/thunderbird/"
 54137 sh       RET   eaccess 0
 54137 sh       CALL  geteuid
 54137 sh       RET   geteuid 1001/0x3e9
 54137 sh       CALL  fork
 54137 sh       RET   fork 54141/0xd37d
 54137 sh       CALL  getpgrp
 54137 sh       RET   getpgrp 54137/0xd379
 54137 sh       CALL  wait4(0xffffffff,0xbfbfe778,WUNTRACED,0)
 54137 sh       RET   wait4 54141/0xd37d
 54137 sh       CALL  exit(0x8b)

Anyone got a clue what I've done?


Kevin Kinsey

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