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Date:      Fri, 20 Dec 1996 03:06:40 +0900
From: (HOSOKAWA Tatsumi)
Subject:   Re: DHCP?
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In article <"14690*"@MHS> writes:

>> My question is: has anyone got DHCP operational (I only need the client
>> part). If you have, please let me know. I would also be interested in knowing
>> if there are any future plans for DHCP and FreeBSD. (Our university has
>> put Ethernet plugs into all the libraries for lap-tops; again only supporting
>> DHCP.)

I'm using WIDE DHCP (in ports collection) with 2.2-ALPHA (and
PAO-961215 package).  Please see /etc/pccard_ether and
/sys/i386/conf/PAO in PAO package.  When I plug an Ethernet card into
laptop, WIDE DHCP client successfully gets IP addresses and other
network configurations from DHCP server running on Sun workstation.

PAO-961215 for 2.2-ALPHA

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