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Date:      Fri, 20 Apr 2012 17:06:48 -0500
From:      Antonio Olivares <>
To:        FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   find sources to build Handbook and FAQ for FreeBSD?
Message-ID:  <>

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Dear folks,

Does anyone know where the source(s) for the FreeBSD Handbook and
FreeBSD FAQ are found?

I have asked this question last month and there have been no answers.

I want to know because there is a new tex/latex distribution called
KerTEX and it has a smaller footprint than texlive and tetex.  Since
tetex is depracated, and many complain that texlive is too big.  I
don't mind as I have texlive-freebsd from Romain Tartiere's google

but FreeBSD developers don't seem to be interested in updating :(  I
am also using kerTeX{}
Post of availability of kertex for freebsd:

I have installed it on my FreeBSD boxes(4+), along with Slackware
x86_64, Fedora and in Porteus(slackware|slax based livecd; have some
modules readily available) and running it jointly with texlive from
texlive-freebsd ports on the FreeBSD boxes.

I know that full texlive can compile handbook without problems, but I
want to see if I can do the same with kerTeX.

kertex does not have pdftex, pdflatex, and some things that are in
tetex much less in texlive.  things like pdfnup, pgf, and other
specials are not present.

Thanks to the author of kerTeX, tlaronde and to Mark Van Atten, kertex
can compile more stuff and more readily available things are found and

I want to know where can I find the sources to determine what is
needed so that if the FreeBSD developers are not willing to move to
texlive, they can give kertex a shot?  It is small, it does not have
as many things that texlive has and tetex for that matter (if size is
indeed important).  Installing it is no problem in FreeBSD as it works
without problems straight from file.  But it can be
ported to FreeBSD if it meets the developer's(FreeBSD) criteria.  It
has a BSD style license and is small and ``not heavy''.

Any thoughts, ideas, comments or observations on this are greatly appreciated.

I don't want to open a can of worms, but I do just want to find out if
I can compile the sources(of handbook and faq) with kertex.

suppose book.tex, with the many files it needs, then I run
$ latex book.tex
$ latex book.tex
$ makeindex book.tex
$ latex book.tex
$ dvips -G -t letter -o book.dvi
$ ps2pdf
then open book.pdf with evince, xpdf, okular or other pdf viewer.

If we can't do this readily and out of what is available in kertex,
then we can find out what is needed and determine how to get it going?
 There seems to be no new book.pdf(handbook) reflecting the changes in
FreeBSD 9.0 except in the Main website where there is an intro to bsd
installer :(

Best Regards,


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