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Date:      Mon, 18 Dec 2006 03:48:09 +0200
From:      Giorgos Keramidas <>
To:        Bob Hall <>,
Subject:   Re: List Protocol (was: Major Version Upgrade 4.11 to 5.x)
Message-ID:  <20061218014808.GA2552@kobe.laptop>
In-Reply-To: <>
References:  <> <000801c71e50$93fc9750$3c01a8c0@coolf89ea26645> <>

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On 2006-12-12 20:36, Bob Hall <> wrote:
>On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 04:49:39PM -0800, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>> a young girl in a tank top and boobs out front 
> Isn't that where the boobs are usually installed?

Well, yes, most of the time :P

>> Until then STFU you ungrateful bastards.  All you once were
>> dumb newbies who didn't know FreeBSD from free beer, and
>> I'll bet more than a few of you sent e-mail to questions, thinking
>> it was an actual person who gave a damn.  Boy were you surprised!
> That's exactly what happened to me, back in the time of FBSD 4.3.  And I
> got a response from an actual knowledgeable person who gave a damn. The
> only thing better would have been a young girl in a tank top and boobs
> out front. 

While Ted has a unique personal style of writing, to which I don't
totally subscribe, he is quite right about this one.  There is a reason
that the freebsd-questions list does not require a subscription, and he
got it 100% right.

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