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Date:      Wed, 11 Apr 2012 10:22:42 -0500
From:      "Jay West" <>
To:        "'Bill Tillman'" <>, <>
Subject:   RE: Token Ring (really)
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There's some reasons that approach doesn't work, per IBM's protocol.

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Subject: Re: Token Ring (really)

 From: Nikos Vassiliadis <>
To: Jay West <>
Cc: 'Adam Vande More' <>; 'mikel king'
Sent: Sunday, April 8, 2012 7:03 PM
Subject: Re: Token Ring (really)
On 4/8/2012 4:41 PM, Jay West wrote:
> Adam wrote...
> Otherwise, it's time to abandon steamships for airplanes.=A0 Sounds =
> you have a primed business opportunity just waiting to be exploited.
> -----------
> Actually, this is for a historical re-creation project. Airplanes=20
> would be entirely inappropriate for a historical display, so=20
> steamships it is. Last I checked, there was no primed business=20
> opportunity in doing something for non-profits (museums, etc.) :)
> I guess I'll have to see how tough it would be to yank the TR code=20
> from 7x and get it running under 9x. Probably above my skillset, but=20
> I'll have a looksee.
> J


You could try finding an "ethernet to token ring" translating bridge, =
I am not aware of the budget will need - or if you'll find one anyways.

Just a thought,

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Sorry to jump in on this one so late but here is my 2 cents on this one:

Madge cards were all the rage back in 1996 thru 1999. I was IT Mgr for a
financial services company which ran token ring....ring in-ring out and =
the MAU-e-wau-e pipe please. Back then, Madge cards ran $300 or more.
These days you can buy a 1000mbs ethernet card for $5. So I vote for
swapping out the NIC and get on with life.
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