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Date:      Tue, 01 Jul 1997 22:11:52 -0400
From:      greg baxter <>
To:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   firewalls...
Message-ID:  <>

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we want to firewall our local net using freebsd 2.2.

a little confused, we put two nics in one bsd machine,
each with its own different network (not just diff host).

the idea is, we need it to:

hit our inet router, a t1 interface when called to do so
by any local machine. this is on net 'a'.  i suppose this
is the only host that will be on net 'a' other than the
nic in the bsd box. right?

route ip data for us, with appropriate filtering via ipfw.
from net 'b' to net 'a' (net 'a' is the internet side of 

do we need to configure this machine as a 'gateway' as 
defined in rc.conf?  turn on 'routing' in same rc file?

right now, our default gateway is just the t1 router (ascend
pipeline) and all works well, but the ascend is on the same
net as everything else.

have read the o'reilly book, and at least *believe* i'm on the
right track.  

any help you guys can toss my way is really gonna be 
very much appreciated, i'd like to get this thing up and
going soon.

thanks in advance -- greg

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