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Date:      Sun, 3 Dec 1995 03:22:25 -0600 (CST)
From:      Chris Sheldon <>
Subject:   scsi primary partition?
Message-ID:  <>

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I have FreeBSD running on a 486dx2/66(Cyrix) with a VLB IDE controler.
I want to put a adaptech 1542CF scsi card and a 1 gb disk on the
system, but I'm having all kinds of problems.

I can't get the bootfloppy to see the scsi card, so I just installed
to my IDE drive and recompiled the kernel without some drivers.
I have the system booted up from an IDE drive with the recompiled 
kernel and all seems to work fine until I try to start up 
/stand/sysinstall. It never sets up the partitions on the disk
that I specified in the two disk editing screens.

I did try booting -c from the boot floppy. Didn't work. :(

I tried to config the scsi disk from the CLI, and I got this:

% disklabel sd0
sd0: invalid primary partition table: no magic

The disk was on a DOS machine previous to this.

This disk is a DEC RZ26L 1001M drive. I'm pretty sure it has 
variable geometry. I've seen everything from 4 to 64 heads reported
from this drive. If *ANYONE* knows how to get a primary partition
table back on it, I'd be forever grateful.

I've already tried creating an entry in /etc/disktabs and then
doing disklabel -w -r /dev/sd0c rz26l foo

I can actually get a 1GB partition newfs'd and mounted, but I 
would rather have several different partitions for /usr, /var, etc...


Chris Sheldon                                          System Administrator                            CyberDesic Communication Corp                                       309.676.3768

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