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Date:      Thu, 8 Feb 96 00:17 PST
From: (Kok K. Koay)
Subject:   Eudora 1.4.3 cannot connect to xxx.yyy.zzz
Message-ID:  <>

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Hi, I really need some help on this one. I have a mail server say xxx on
yyy.zzz. The DNS server for yyy.zzz does have a MX record pointed to xxx.
When I use Eudora for Windows with MS provided TCP/IP protocol driver to
connect to xxx.yyy.zzz to retrieve mail, I got the message "cannot connect
to xxx.yyy.zzz. cause: connection refused". The mail got to xxx.yyy.zzz fine
from other FreeBSD server and able to read when logged into xxx.yyy.zzz. By
the way, I added a Cw record for yyy.zzz domain in the file. I
am really stuck!!!! Please Help!!!

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