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Date:      Thu, 08 Feb 1996 00:31:37 -0800 (PST)
From:      Annelise Anderson <ANDRSN@HOOVER.STANFORD.EDU>
Subject:   Re: INN Port

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>I am about to bring up news. I would like to use INN. I see the port on the
>cdrom, but I do not know how to deal with ports. How do I port this in?
>Also, where is a good reference on the net for INN setup and configuration?
>                Thank You

This is not really an answer, but a question about whether this is a
reasonable way to do ports from the cdrom:

Find the directory of the port you want.  Suppose it's kermit.  Then
cp -R /cdrom/ports/comm/kermit /usr/local
This should create a subdirectory of /usr/local called kermit with
all the subdirectories of the kermit directory on the cd rom.
Then go to /usr/local/kermit and find the subdirectory with Makefile
in it.  Type make.  
This should result in an ftp to get the basic tar file from somewhere,
so the network has to be up and running.
Then type make install in the same directory.  This should put the
binaries where they belong and possibly the man pages also.
After this it would seem to me it ought to be possible to delete the
whole /usr/local/kermit (or whatever) directory; but there might be 
useful readme files and the like in there.
It also might be worthwhile to read any information files before doing
make.  And if the port needs some other program or whatever that isn't
there, it will say so; then you have to get whatever it needs and try
make again.

Is that more or less right?


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