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Date:      Sun, 28 Jan 2007 03:20:14 +0200
From:      Giorgos Keramidas <>
To:        Grant Wagner <>
Subject:   Re: print quotas in CUPS (was: Re: Can not compile kernel.)
Message-ID:  <20070128012013.GC21056@kobe.laptop>
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On 2007-01-27 15:39, Grant Wagner <> wrote:
> wrote: Grant Wagner  wrote:
>> Remove 'device ural' from your kernel config. file. Ural is a driver
>> for  wireless adapters and depends on 'device wlan' which is
>> commented in your  conf. file.
> Thanks applecom, I noticed that too. My kernel have been compiled and
> now is installed and runs nicely
> Now, on to another problem.

Please wrap your messages to a more reasonable line length, like 70-75
characters per line, so your messages can easily be read even by people
who are using text-based mailers.

Please also note that it is, in general, a good idea to start a *new*
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<> (instead of replying to an existing
'thread of messages' with an entirely different, new question).  This
way, people reading through the messages of the list and skimming
through the subject lines for interesting material will find your posts
much much easier to locate and read in the intended order.

> I am having difficulty installing cups and getting printing working on
> my Samsung ML-1710.  I've installed cups from port, and the splix
> driver from  My printer shows up as /dev/ulpt0
> and running
>    echo "stuff" > /dev/ulpt0
> causes my printer to warm up, so I know at least I can write to the
> port and communication is working partially.  In the cups menu, I added
> the printer, and attempted to print a test page. I get an error
> message saying my quota is full.  Wierd as I don't have quota support
> on this machine.
> Any ideas?  Grant

I can't find any mention of "quota" in the web interface of CUPS running
on my laptop here.  There is a possibility that quota is enabled for
some printer, by setting options in the "printers.conf" file though.

Can you show us the contents of the file:


from your system?

If it contains the options which enable quotas for a certain printer,
you should see something like `PageLimit', then this is the `quota' that
you see mentioned above.

For example, my `printers.conf' file contains:

    <DefaultPrinter HP4345>
      Info         HP Laserjet 4345
      Location     Patras office
      DeviceURI    lpd://hp4345/
      State        Idle
      StateTime    1164289059
      Accepting    Yes
      Shared       Yes
      JobSheets    none none
      QuotaPeriod  0
      PageLimit    0
      KLimit       0
      OpPolicy     default
      ErrorPolicy  stop-printer

Note how the `PageLimit' option above is set to zero (so I don't have
printing quotas enabled for this printer).

- Giorgos

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