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Date:      Wed, 6 Nov 1996 17:07:27 -0600 (GMT-0600)
From:      Victor Manuel Carranza Gonzalez <>
Subject:   pppd:  What's a "bad fcs"???
Message-ID:  <>

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Hi there!

I'm having a lot of trouble with my ppp dialup router. It is really
driving me crazy!! Last time I wrote about this, someone told me about
upgrading to FreeBSD 2.1.5, 'cause 2.1.0 has bugs in the ppp daemon. Ok, I
have done it. the "Address already exists" message is gone, but now I have
OTHER problems :(

When I connect to the FreeBSD machine using Windows95 dialup networking,
everything works (apparently) fine, I can do a telnet session and spend an
hour working with no problem... but when I start Netscape or something
that puts a more heavy traffic on the line, pppd begins to send messages
to the console, as follows:

	ppp0: bad fcs
	/kernel: bad fcs

and the connection freezes. The modem does not hang, the FreeBSD box keeps
working normally, but no traffic occurs between the modems anymore. 

My checklist is as follows:

1. Modem cables: Ok

2. Modem setup: USRobotics Sportster 28.8, initialized at 38400bps using
   cu (getty uses 38400bps too).

3. pppd options file:
	kdebug 1
	mru 1500

4. Kernel compiled with GATEWAY and ARP_PROXYALL options.

5. The serial port UART is a 16550A.

6. The modems are using error correction.

What could be happening here?  Give me some hints, PLEASE!!  this
situation is ruining my project of a unix dialup router, and I don't want
my department to spend lots of money on an access server, terminal server
or something like that instead.

Thanks in advance!

|      Victor Manuel Carranza Gonzalez          |
|  Unidad de Internet/Red Cientifico-Educativa  |
| Depto. de Procesamiento Electronico de Datos  |
| Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala -USAC- |
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