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Date:      Thu, 08 Feb 96 17:19:27 +0100
Subject:   Re: ISDN devices supported? 
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> On Feb 8, 12:06, wrote:
> > Subject: Re: ISDN devices supported?
>> A TA is the most flexible solution since the German cards are designed
> > for EuroISDN (the European ISDN standard) and there's no guarantee that
> > they'll work correctly outside of Europe.
> >-- End of excerpt from
> This is not quite right anymore. The so called EuroISDN is now DSS-1, which i
> also used by many countries outside europe. I think Japan is one of them. Als
> is the hardware of the most cards sold in europe, very generic and there shou
> be no problem to use them everywhere (where ISDN exists), it is a matter of t
> driver software. One example is a SGI Indy which has a built in ISDN interfac
> based on the same chip used in europe. The SGI Indy has support for >5
> different ISDN protocols. The same you get for better PC ISDN cards.

that's interesting to hear. SGI is using the Siemens chips ?

None the less, a TA will work with any machine which has a serial port
and communications software. The same can't be said for one of the PC
ISDN cards.

I conceed that my argument regarding the ISDN protocol wasn't valid :)

Gary Jennejohn				(work)

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