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Date:      Sat, 16 Sep 1995 18:34:38 +0200 (MET DST)
From:      Ollivier Robert <roberto@keltia.Freenix.FR>
To: (Coranth Gryphon)
Subject:   Re: Does FreeBSD suffer from the Intel RZ1000 IDE bug?
Message-ID:  <199509161634.SAA04654@keltia.Freenix.FR>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Coranth Gryphon" at Sep 16, 95 09:57:22 am

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It seems that Coranth Gryphon said:
> But for a machine where you do not head real fast disk access, and
> can live with a reasonable max of 2-3 Gig, SCSI can't compare to IDE for
> a cheap fast solution.

However, when you want to add  a CD-ROM or a  DAT or a scanner, you already
have the controller so there is  no incompatibilities to fear, nothing else
to buy. SCSI is plug-and-play whereas IDE is not. IDE  is getting better in
term of performance    (but that costs CPU)   but  doesn't come  close  for
versatility. Last question, have you ever plugged an IDE disk on a Sun ? Or
take an Exabyte from a station and hook it on your SCSI card ?
Even for my personnal  machine, I  went to SCSI   and I've never  regretted

> And on older (486) machines, a VLB IDE controller still gives better
> performance (by observation, regardless of whether its technically possible).

Take  a Bt-545 VLB SCSI, you'll  run circle around any   IDE under BSD. For
MS-DOG and Windoze apps, IDE may be enough but under any decent OS, SCSI is

Ollivier ROBERT    -=- The daemon is FREE! -=-
 FreeBSD keltia.Freenix.FR 2.2-CURRENT #1: Sun Sep 10 18:50:19 MET DST 1995

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