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Date:      Thu, 3 Oct 96 13:17:20 CDT
From: (Steve Bartling)
Cc: (Steve Bartling)
Subject:   Irwin ( exabyte 8200 ) and Freebsd 2.1.5
Message-ID:  <>

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According to the Freebsd 2.1.5 documents, the st scsi tape driver
has built in support for the Exabyte 8200. 

I have attempted to install this drive on SCSI ID 5. (Side note,
the firmware revision is the generic 2618.)

I have used the "expert" DOS software package that I downloaded
from to test the drive under DOS. Other than
a tendancy to report fairly high Rewrt and ECC percentages on
the first couple of megabytes written, the drive passed all
of the tests that this software provides. The Rewrt and ECC
percentages will drop as you write/read more data from
the drive. If you write/read enough data, the percentages 
average out to acceptable values. Is this typical behavior ?

Oh well, I digress ...

My real problem is with Freebsd 2.1.5.

I have two tape drives installed. An Archive 2150s is present
on SCSI ID 4. The 8200 is installed on ID 5.

I created the proper devices in /dev using the "/dev/MAKEDEV st1"
command. All of the proper devices were created.

I rebooted just to make sure everything was clean and verified
that Freebsd properly probed/detected the 8200 and attached it
to the st1 interface. The Archive 2150s was also properly identified
and was attached to st0.

Now for the problem ...

The Archive 2150s works fine. When I attempt to "tar -cvf /dev/rst1"
the entire SCSI bus hangs, requiring a machine boot to clear the
bus. I cannot use the st or the mt utilities to display status or
set modes. When I attempt to do so, I get "Invalid Input/Output Error".

Again, I can access the 2150s just fine. Hardware does not seem to be
at fault since both drives are happy under DOS.

Any clues ?

- Steve Bartling


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