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Date:      Wed, 21 Nov 2001 14:40:27 -0800
From:      Brian Sobolak <>
To:        "Martin Zibert" <>
Subject:   Re: User restriction
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <000001c171ef$d331e730$335d1ed4@unix>
References:  <000001c171ef$d331e730$335d1ed4@unix>

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Hello Martin,

Tuesday, November 20, 2001, 9:41:50 AM, you wrote:

[you'll probably want to try this on - that list
is better for these types of questions]

MZ> Last  week i had a problem with Xwindows, but now i have a problem
MZ> with users.I want to restrict them to maximum level.Some guys told
MZ> me  that  i should use quota.And here is a problem: if i use quota
MZ> and  limit it to 0, what will happen to lets say .bash_history?And
MZ> if i limit it to lets say 1k users will be able to save files, and
MZ> probably   bash_history   will   grow  and  fill  the  limit.  Any
MZ> suggestions?

What do you mean you want to restrict them to the maximum level?  Do
you want them to be able to login?  Describing your ultimate goal
(e.g. security, resource usage, etc.) would help.

MZ> At  this  point  i'd  ask  if anyone had a problem with Sony CD-RW
MZ> device?My  box didn't boot properly untill i removed this device.I
MZ> looked  in  support files on FreeBSD cd but i didn't find anything
MZ> usefull.Maybe someone can help me here?

You  should  try  searching  the  mailing  list
archives with the exact model number.  I usually use the search engine at, though you could try google too.

If you included the error msg you're getting, we can try to help.



MZ> Thanks in advance.

MZ> Martin

Best regards,

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