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Date:      Sat, 21 Apr 2012 16:12:04 +0200
From:      Christian Baer <>
Subject:   Re: recommendation(s) for new computer
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On 21.04.2012 02:06, Adam Vande More wrote:

> I'm not sure where the power/performance/price ratio is at currently, but
> it wasn't that long ago purchasing an intel was a much better deal long
> term.  It was something like it took a year and half of an AMD and intel
> cpu idling to draw even in total price all the while having a much greater
> performance potential with Intel.  I say this as someone who hopes AMD will
> succeed.  There is much more to it than just raw upfront cost.

I know that I will probably get a lot more "bang" from an Intel CPU (in
terms of raw power, especially per CPU-core). However, this computer
will be used in a way where more CPU-cores will actually help more than
fewer cores with more raw power per core. This is partly because full
disc encryption is in place.

I also know that the cost of power is something to consider in the
longrun. This is however a personal computer, the one I use in my spare
time. If I were to worry too much about power, I shouldn't get a
graphics board like the one I am considering. :-) They outweigh the CPU
threefold - even if not constantly. This is a machine that will not run
24/7. Besides, the cost upfront is my main concern at the moment,
because my budget is very limited. ;-)


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