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Date:      Wed, 16 Jan 2008 08:51:47 -0500
From:      Bill Moran <>
To:        "Moazzar Battah" <>
Subject:   Re: some help please
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Everyone on this list is asking for help.  If you use a more descriptive
subject for your email, you'll get better answers.  See:

In response to "Moazzar Battah" <>:
> I need some help , I am a new user for Linux and freebsd so I need your help
> I need to know how to install the freebsd in the best way and how I can
> install the ports like gnome and openmail interface ? also I will be
> thankful if you send me the commands and what every command mean and how I
> can use it ?

The handbook has everything you need.  If you get hung up on a specific
step, please feel free to ask on this list.  Unfortunately, it's
impractical to present an entire walkthrough on the mailing list.
Note that the FreeBSD handbook has many translations.  Check to see if
there is one in your native language:

There are also non-english mailing lists.  One in your native language
may make things easier for you, if it exists:

> I already get in the directory /usr/ports/gnome2 & /usr/ports/www and make
> install and its start downloading but nothing happened after that
> installation done ???

You've got it installed, so that step is complete.  Now you need to
configure it.  This section of the handbook should be helpful:

> I also need to now how to configure the hostname and ip addresses like local
> ip and fixed ip to trait the local lan and I real lan in the same way..

Bill Moran

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